The Inside Scoop on Henderson Girls' Basketball

By Emma Goodstein and Kaylee Needham

As the Holiday season is quickly approaching, so are many of Henderson’s popular winter sports. Specifically, the 2018 girls basketball champs have begun training for their 2019 season. We were able to get the inside scoop as we interviewed senior and four-year team member, Cameron Trotter, about her excitement for this season....

Are you pumped for your senior year? Who are the other seniors playing this season?

Yeah I’m pumped!! Grace Ferguson, Michaella Meredith, Erin Thompson, Kyla Campbell, and Kristin Rivituso are the other seniors playing.

When are your upcoming games? Are you playing any rivals soon?

We are away at D-West Thursday the 13th, home vs. WC East Tuesday the 18th, away at D-East Thursday the 20th, home vs Mount Saturday the 22nd!

How have practices been? Are your coaches pushing for another big break?

Practices have been tough per usual. Lots of running and drills, but all necessary to prepare for the season. And the coaches always push us, but with that pushing they aim to make us the best that we can be as a team. There are no long term goals set, we just work in the present and take it one game at a time.

What are you most excited about for this season

For this season, I’m most excited to go out with a bang my senior year. Basically create and continue the legacy of impressive Henderson girls basketball teams. Not necessarily strive for what we achieved last season, but do the best and work the hardest that we can as a team this season.

Do you think the team has a shot at winning Chesmonts or even districts this year, as you did last year?

Yes I 100% think that we have a shot at winning Chesmonts/Districts this year. We did lose great talent last year, but now there’s a new team and new game plan. Adjustments obviously must be made, but with the talent and work ethic of our team, we have a shot of winning whatever game we decide we want to work hard enough to win.

Do you have any final words ?

Please show out to game and be loud! We love the support!

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