The Inside Scoop On Girls Tennis

The Inside Scoop On Girls Tennis

Featuring Coach Sok

By: Emma Goodstein and Kaylee Needham

The Henderson Girls Tennis Team is projected to have an excellent season. With workouts starting as far back as July, the girls are ready to face any and all of the tough competition to come during their 2018 matches.

This year, there are 9 seniors competing, and they are determined to make their last season the best one yet. Hannah Baxter, Nava Boswell, Caroline Carey, Emma Goodstein, Deirdre Talley, Bess Neiblum, Jessica Liu, Shanna McCool, and Chana Srikanlaya are leading the team with excitement for the upcoming matches. With Coach Sok by their side for the past four years, it will be a tough goodbye at the end of the season.

Below is a short interview with Coach Sok, getting the inside scoop on his thoughts of the 2018 season.   

Q: Known for being a man full of wisdom and quotes, what would you say is your favorite quote/piece of advice?

A: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Q: What team do you think will be your hardest competition for the year?

A: “Obviously in our division, I believe it will be Downingtown West or WC East. District-wise it will be Conestoga, Radnor, or Counselor Rock North.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to this tennis season?

A: “I think as a coach the one thing I look forward to is improvement in each player because I find enjoyment in that. Team comradery is definitely a good thing. My job as a coach is to develop students into responsible young people.”

Q: What keeps you coming back as the Henderson tennis coach year after year?

A: “You know, I think I’m passionate about tennis and coaching because I like being around the kids and it’s been such a good experience. I love seeing kids improvement from the start of the season to the end.”


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