Calling All Artists!

Attention! Do you have a passion for art?  Have you been looking for a way to channel your creative ability?  Look no further, an amazing opportunity awaits you! The “Best Flag Forward Contest” is looking for talented individuals to design an official flag to represent our very own hometown. The Fence Authority and the West Chester Public Arts Commission are accepting designs over the next month; everyone and anyone is invited to submit their original flag before the deadline on November 2nd.

The winner will not only be credited in creating the town’s emblem, but a cash prize of $500 will be awarded as well! In addition, the winning artist’s flag will be distributed throughout the borough and displayed on a variety of platforms for the public to admire.

Contestants should consider original designs embodying simplicity and uniqueness. If you are interested in submitting your own digital flag design, please contact For more details, check out the Public Arts Commission and Fence Authority websites and get your creativity on!

Flag Submission Requirements

Designs must include the official West Chester colors (WC Gold, Pantone 123C and WC Indigo, Pantone 7455C) in  ratio of 1:1.5. They may not include lettering or the municipal seal. Artists must also explain in writing how their design elements reflect the West Chester community and its history.

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